We do everything from delivering a chair to installing hundreds of work stations consists of reliable and competent workers whose extensive technical expertise, years of experience and attention to detail have enhanced our reputation and made us the highest quality office furniture installation company in US.

Asset Solutions uses state of the art installation equipment including laser leveling and protective moving and positioning equipment to minimize damage.

Liquidation and Purchasing
  • Computer, peripherals & Data Processing Equipment

  • Office Furniture and Products

  • Consumer & Electronic Components

  • Telecommunination Equipment

  • Biotect, Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment

  • Plant Support, Material Handling & Facility Equipment

  • Test, Measurement & Inspection Equipment

  • Vehicles, Boats & Commerical Transportation

  • Post Production, Audio, Video & Broadcast Equipment

Turkey Liquidation Proposal

Asset Solutions wil provide a quote for removal of all liquidation products on a per site basis. Asset Solutions will advise the bank of all cost and the positive return to your company.

Specializing in the full-service installation of office furniture. Our goal is to serve the ever-changing needs of the modern office environment.

Space Planning

To create the perfect, efficient working environment, office space has to be utilized to its utmost potential. This is where Furniture Installation Team’s skill and experience in space planning can help you.

Our ongoing training and highly effective supervisory staff assure on time completions that meet manufacturer and customer specifications for quality, at an affordable price.

Some of our expertise areas are:

  • Vaults and vault doors

  • Drive-up equipment

  • Night-drops safes

  • Deal drawers

  • Safe deposit boxes

  • Under-counter pedestals and locks

  • Drive-up/walk-up windows

  • Camera system

  • Metal Working & Machine Tools

  • Consumer Goods & Inventories

  • Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

  • Printing Equipment

  • Power & Electric

  • Food & Beverage Equipment

  • Surface Mount & Board Assembly Equipment

  • Prined Circuit Board Manufacturing Equipment


Scope of Work:

  • Survey site, provide quote

  • Coordinae all scheduling

  • Work with landlord on any issues

  • Remove Cable

  • Disconectt electric

  • Remove all liquidation products

  • Remove trash

  • Site o be left broom swept

We will come and discuss your office furniture requirements, taking into account team groupings and flexibility for future expansion as well as individual needs. We will advise on ways to increase storage capabilities, recommend products for specific tasks and propose effective cabling solutions.

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